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The development of science and technology innovati[新闻小类]


And university cooperation, the staff in his spare time by means of distance education or distance learning, master professional knowledge and improve the cultural level; to get diplomas and learn something, the company rewarded up to 6,000 yuan. This is Wilson East Electronics Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City, made this year another culture and motivate talented people to the new policy.

In fact, such incentives and learning opportunities each year in the Woodland East E-lot. Technically, as long as the best practical innovative solutions put forward a maximum of 5 million reward; made outstanding contributions to live in "luxury"; there staff were sent abroad for further study ... ... All this is reflected not only the electronic management of the Woodland East layer of the importance of personnel training, but also to the entire company is full of a thick atmosphere of innovation.

Cutting-edge technology to enhance cooperation to overcome

Yi Dong, set up in 1997, after 10 years of effort, from the previous precision machining of small factory into products cover display, interconnect, communications, semiconductor and other four industries, has 8 production sites under the jurisdiction of seven sub- the company's enterprise group. Woodland East E is involved in electronic connectors and connectors, flexible printed circuit substrates and products, the field of optoelectronic display backlight, liquid crystal displays and modules with a metal terminal iron frame, various types of precision stamping and plastic injection molds and many other areas , nearly 5,000 varieties of products, is the precision stamping industry, one of the largest enterprises.

"Results, is the way in technological innovation, innovative exploration, research, innovation and further improvements made." Yi said the East E-Chairman Deng Yuquan. From the HIC (hybrid integrated circuit) terminal to the production of LCD (liquid crystal display) terminal development, lead-free plating process from design to product and technology research and development centers and the establishment of mold development and manufacturing center, from the "breakthrough projects in key areas of Guangdong and Hong Kong "The successful model to high-speed machines to the highest level of 1,200 per minute, stroke, Wilson East electronic development of innovation every step of leaving footprints.

Wilson East Electronic Technology Innovation many ways. In addition to South China University of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and other high profile in the mold of professional colleges and universities set up research and cooperation 外, Woodland East E also continued in the "high level of precision Chongmo" and other high-end technology for development and the establishment of precision, Dongguan City Progressive Engineering Technology R & D center, to form a product research and development center and die, mold development and manufacturing center, manufacturing management center as the basic structure of the R & D and manufacturing system. In addition, the Wilson Electronics also bear the East to assist the Government to help SMEs to design and manufacture of molds task.

In the "breakthrough projects in key areas of Guangdong and Hong Kong" and other special projects, Woodland East E-invite well-known industry experts to the corporate university exchange guidance. Fully absorb advanced technology and training college technical talent, Wilson also specialists, East e-breaking projects in the technical problems. In addition, Woodland East E from Switzerland, the United States, Japan, Taiwan, China and other countries and the introduction of a continuous high-speed presses and other advanced equipment.

"Not long ago, we just 瑞士夏米尔 the company introduced the 'walking wire' optical curve grinding machines, precision is 0.0001 mm. Meanwhile, the company R & D team in high-speed machine model, based on the original equipment, by improving the die the number increased to 1,200 strokes per minute, in a leading position. "Yi Dong Jiao Jianzhong Electronics President's Office said. For technological innovation, Wilson formed a three-tier East Electronic R & D system: the first level of technology as the guide, long-term strategic commitment to corporate types and the development of major innovative projects; second level market-oriented, short-term development of varieties that meet market demand and small improvement techniques; the third level to reduce costs, improve product quality for the purpose of upgrading the existing production technology and improvement.

Take Measures to personnel training

As the saying goes, planted plane trees, Jinfeng attracted to. If Deng Yuquan is a tree-planting people, then he planted every one are plane trees, and drew many of the Phoenix.

In the "Zhuchaoyinfeng" strategy under the guidance of Wilson East not only through multi-channel electronic industry with years of experience to attract knowledge-based, technology-based, management talent, every year from the South China University of Technology, Dalian University of Technology, Wuhan University of Technology, Tianjin University and other famous universities to recruit top graduates talent pool for the Woodland East E development of potential savings.

To motivate and retain qualified personnel, training and human resources, Woodland East E is repeated style all their own. "For new hires, we use the 'Tutorial' training, company officials designate a person or a one to one of several, according to its knowledge, experience, background, determine the orientation of training, carried out systematically targeted training." Jiao Jianzhong said. Wilson East Electronics also adopted a "deep-sea fish" talent cultivation mode, that is sent from the college selection and the excellent technical talents to Switzerland to participate in "Swiss postgraduate courses" to learn the world's leading precision manufacturing technology for the construction of a high level technical team reserve forces.

To improve the level of staff culture, Woodland East again this year new tactics electronic. It is understood that Wilson and the well-known e-university cooperation east, employees can select your favorite professional through distance education or correspondence, etc., the use of spare time to learn. Employees not only improves the knowledge and qualifications, and improve the professional knowledge and ability. In addition, Woodland East E also received certificates to each employee the highest reward of 6,000 yuan. Woodland East E combination was truly a school-enterprise, and their staff do not pay tuition fees, are paid as usual after graduation can also get a bonus.

In addition, Woodland East Electronics also make a special contribution to each employee to be spiritual and material rewards. Woodland East E-motion system implemented in order to promote innovative thinking, technological innovation: employees on behalf of individuals or groups to technology, equipment, process improvement and new products, new technology, innovation and R & D design, make recommendations to enterprises, it is recommended once adopted into the practice and production, and bring real benefits for the enterprise, the enterprise will be based on the size of the economic benefits of the proposal for material reward, up to 5 million. To ensure a fair and reasonable reward, Woodland East E has specially formulated a set of strict and workable procedures for the assessment confirmed.

"Earlier this year, we have just rewarded the two teams, a team reward of 5 million yuan, 30,000 yuan reward a team." According to Jiao Jianzhong introduction, the two teams is not only a breakthrough in technology, but also to enhance the Woodland East Electronic production efficiency and improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.

Reduce the cost to achieve lean production

Woodland East E's senior management team from different professions, different backgrounds, different regions or even different countries, they are the essence of different management cultures converging one, used for the Woodland East E, Wilson led the East electronic leaps and bounds.

This year, Woodland East E-invested 2.6 million yuan in the management of funds, the introduction of ERP management system in Japan. The system enables electronic data Woodland East business systems in all high degree of sharing, Chess East electronic management of internal business processes and optimize the process to achieve business process automation.

Jiao Jianzhong said that at present, Woodland East E's financial management has been the first to use the system. Through this system, you can accelerate cash flow, increase efficiency in the use of funds in order to control costs. In addition, Woodland East E will be in personnel management, warehouse management, materials, use of the system, the computer in the enterprise as the core to form a closed loop management system that enables enterprises, financial, material, supply, production, marketing fully integrated, full control, real-time feedback, dynamic coordination, to market ability to produce demand for, the best efficiency, lowest cost.

To expand the production scale, to create a good production environment, Woodland East E with sand in Dongguan established a 4 million square meters of Science and Technology Park. According to Jiao Jianzhong, the new plant are also being renovated, is expected to be completed before the Spring Festival next year. At that time, including Shenzhen, Zhuhai and other Pearl River Delta region in all plants, will all move into the new Science Park with the sand plant. Convergence of the factory area will greatly enhance resource integration, more conducive to the development of electronic Wilson East. The formation of the new environment will also greatly improve high-speed die and so on, such as the production efficiency.

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