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Technological innovation and industrial upgrading[新闻小类]


"Our goal is within the next few years among the top three in the country, from business development to the industry structure is in accordance with the countdown to the deployment of such a goal. For us, the blessed land a billion e-thriving enterprise is not a dream." Blessed land of Dongguan Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang about G-to-business confidence in the future, policy makers have shown a remarkable vision and tolerance.

LED the Pearl River Delta, Dongguan is a city of industrial agglomerations. Currently, the city engaged in the production of LED lighting technology and more than 300 enterprises, but most are doing packaging and supporting the production, in the downstream industry chain, to really master the high-power LED chip, LED, especially the core technology of few . It was this kind of scenario described as "the stars do not a moon."

However, this situation will be completely changed, blessed Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. Dongguan self-developed high-power LED lighting chip is available in the LED industry is not only making Dongguan starry, more moon shine.

Beginning with those determined to do the different LED business, blessed Electronics is halfway decent, reborn after a difficult transition, finally successfully mastered the LED chip, a number of independent intellectual property rights, manufacturing technology and high-power lighting devices scale production process, as in the forefront of the industry's LED brands.

Courage to create industrial restructuring, "core"

Blessed land, set up in 1993, mastered the core technology of the blessed CPT accessories, set up in the beginning of the history of the development ushered in the first peak. In addition to its steady stream of blessed CPT plant needs beyond the supply of parts, orders for other manufacturers around the world have piled up. At that time, Toshiba 95% of the global convergence of the magnetic components, and the convergence of the magnetic components Sanyo projection come from the blessed land of 100% electronic, which is blessed in the future to make new products, new projects on the huge funding.

In 2001, when the blessed time of e-business flourishing, forward-looking vision of the company's management believes that the CPT industry has been in decline, will become a sunset industry. Therefore, the company resolutely decided to transition into a high technical threshold LED chip project. This is a bold and risky decision. Although today was identified as a green LED, energy saving, green products, but did not state its support. It is blessed electronic technology personnel, from the CPT to the LED span is very large, done before the accumulation of CPT technology can not support the development of LED.

A thousand miles begins with one step. In 2002, the blessed Electronics has organized experts to Shandong University, Peking University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other units to find experts, to go to Japan, Taiwan, China and other manufacturers of technologically advanced research, and strive to master the forefront of LED chip technology. After a year of painstaking research and development, blessed finally create a piece of electronic integrated LED chips. But then things did not go well, blessed electronic LED chip that can not be mass production, which is a venture company in the history of the biggest challenges faced.

In order to find new breakthroughs, blessed land of Taiwan electronics expert hired a consultant, after repeated testing and research, and finally solve the production problems. March 2004, blessed electronic LED chip production officially embarked on the normal track, industry successful transition. In the same year in May, blessed bear high-brightness GaN electronic chip and LED semiconductor lighting source projects, and is included in the national Torch Program project.

In early 2006, blessed the LED chip products have electronic scale, decided to further extend the industrial chain of LED chips into the LED packaging, LED components and LED application products.

Upgrading government convoy

In 2009, the Dongguan municipal government's strong support of the blessed electronic investment 190 million yuan to upgrade the implementation of LED industry, focusing on the implementation 大功率 LED blue chip engineering, LED semiconductor lighting and other projects, the basic realization of the LED industry chain on (except extension), the middle and lower reaches of the vertical integration.

Electronic blessed by upgrading not only the quaternary red, yellow, light chips, quaternary devices to further expand production capacity, more importantly, in the field of LED lighting to achieve a breakthrough, on-chip series products cover lighting, road lighting, factories, mines and Lighting , commercial and building lighting, and urban landscape lighting and other LED lamps.

At present, blessed with electronic production of high brightness red, yellow, orange, yellow green, blue and other chips are widely recognized by domestic and foreign markets. Lighting products include chips, lamps, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, complex (high shelf) lighting, indoor (public lighting) lighting, flood lights, garden lights, etc.. Among them, the indoor (public lighting) fixtures, including lamp, office lighting, ceiling, commercial photo lights (hotel, counters, exhibition hall), chandeliers, lamps and other applications, nearly 100 kinds of lighting with a broad market for full- ability of the solution.

Blessed electronic order to better develop their business, to expand the market and competitors can conduct a full investigation and scientific analysis, developed a "know ourselves, and take the difference operation characteristics of the road; a rainy day, building a strong market for the expanding market conditions; regional strategy, strategy pattern of the market "and a series of effective marketing strategies and tactics. Dongguan, China Everbright Bank branches in the strong support of the blessed electronic access projects in market development and strong support and security operations 10 billion EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) business credit. With the science of marketing decisions, from January to September this year, blessed electronic sales contract has been signed nearly 3 billion, sales of the development by leaps and bounds.

Currently, the blessed land of customers all over the country e, especially south, north, east, southwest and other regions of the thousand the number of customers. In the Pearl River Delta region, blessed Electronics in Guangzhou Metro, Shenzhen Metro, Shenzhen Expressway Dongguan, Guangzhou, Dongguan Nan color road and other projects to show their talents. Now blessed Electronics has and continue to market expansion to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Tianjin, Hunan, long beads Lake, Shanxi, Fujian and Shaanxi provinces, the products all over the city roads, buildings, airports, subway, square, stadiums, ports and urban large-scale The LED lighting art project.

With advanced technology and scientific management, blessed with PRD Electronics ranked the highest in the industry, and domestic chip makers ranked among the top ten ranks.

Optimize the layout of the leaps and bounds

In Dongguan municipal government's strong support of the blessed electronic completion and implementation of industrial upgrading leaps and bounds. But the blessed and stop the electronic and forward do not meet the pace, but always remember the city of Dongguan Municipal Committee Liu Zhigeng and the earnest expectation, and Dongguan City, the mission of leading LED boldly suggested the deepening of industrial upgrading, doing industry and enterprise pattern of pattern of vision.

Pattern of deployment of industry are: implementation of the epitaxial film phosphors and related projects and the construction equipment manufacturing in order to complete from the extension of the chip, package, to the end of the industrial chain covering applications, technologies and products that will be completed on the LED pattern, will greatly improve the overall competitiveness of electronics blessed.

Deployment of the large-scale pattern is: the current condition of the assets of view, blessed electronics SMEs in the LED industry is a very difficult high. Therefore, the current and future e-blessed paradise extension, blessed phosphor, lighting and Tianjin blessed blessed several Star Ocean to form the photovoltaic group of assets, to blessed land-based electronics to expand the formation of large structure of the company, the introduction of joint-stock reform for the future strategic shareholders, market development, technology and production development, bringing much convenience, more conducive to achieving stronger and bigger electronic blessed goal.

Agglomeration advantages of continuous innovation

Blessed electronic great emphasis on technology innovation and team building talents, has established a municipal engineering centers and laboratories, continue to innovate in product and technology breakthroughs. April 2009, the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department and chaired the Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City, blessed undertaken SME Technology Innovation Fund "AlGaInP quaternary high-brightness light-emitting diode chips," the acceptance. In the ultra-high brightness (luminous intensity is greater than die 70mcd) quaternary (AlGaInP) red, yellow, light HB-LED chip manufacturing in the ohmic contact technology breakthroughs, and access to patents for inventions, with independent intellectual property rights. Guangdong and Hong Kong in 2009 blessed electronic successful breakthroughs in key areas of the project and bear the major scientific and technological projects in 2009 in Dongguan. In the LED chips, blessed Electronics has 29 patent applications, of which 4 invention patents, utility model patents 25.

LED technology-intensive industry is a strategic and emerging industries, rely on their own scientific and technological strength is difficult to compete with international giants LED, so blessed horizontal electronic focus on strengthening technical exchanges and cooperation.

In addition, the blessed land is also an active electronic semiconductor lighting engineering laboratory building at the provincial level, and is planning joint universities and research institutions and the construction of semiconductor lighting engineering laboratory. The open model of the laboratory, any domestic enterprises, research institutions can be based on the platform edge LED technology research and engineering experiments to seek domestic LED industry to improve the overall technological level. The laboratory building is not only can improve the blessed electronics industry needed its own LED technology needs, while China's semiconductor lighting industry can promote the technical level, thus promoting the formation of semiconductor lighting industry cluster advantages.

Blessed Electronics also actively strengthen the construction personnel. Talent is the cornerstone of enterprise development, especially in the upstream industry for LED. LED upstream chip industry is technology-intensive industries, the need for high-end pool of talent. Blessed land has attracted a number of electronic LED outstanding professionals, and from Taiwan, China introduced a six LED professionals, including the LED chip and technical personnel, LED LED device management, and quality management personnel. To better support the rapid development of LED industry, blessed electronic system of personnel development and gradually form a: to establish a post-doctoral research station as a platform for the professional training system; establishment of training-based engineering and technical personnel training system; establish a qualification management based promotion system and pay system employees and retain talent.

Improve the system optimization mechanism

Blessed is in the rapid development of e-phase. At this stage, in the same industry in order to be competitive, must have a company-wide efforts to pay at relentless pursuit of the corporate philosophy, a good management team, a proven business system and management mechanisms. Through the introduction of strategic performance management, e-clear his blessed mission, core values and vision, clear goals and direction of development of the company, and through the implementation of a series of scientific management methods to ensure the company's vision.

The introduction of internal competition blessed electronic mechanism in the form of competitive selection aims will be the best people to augment the important job, while promoting all employees focus on theoretical knowledge, technical skills, self-learning, self-awareness of pressure, thus improving the staff functional level. Break Ganhaoganhuai a sample, the level of a kind, can the employer can not under the loopholes in the company to form a good talent competition mechanism, so that employees can apply their knowledge of the knowledge, suited to their positions in full their respective expertise, on sustainable development of enterprises has played a positive role in promoting.

Implement the responsibility system for e-blessed land, the establishment of clear targets corporate guidelines, to seize the key link management to ensure effective integration of the team and the efficient use of resources. Blessed through the development of complete responsibility for electronic management system, responsibility for management by objectives and performance appraisal; the same time, strengthen the enterprise culture, the ideological education of employees and establish three core values, and so strengthen the implementation of the target responsibility system and the implementation of effective protection effect, promoting the management of innovation.

SOE model strategist

Blessed by upgrading electronics, from the original series have only the production of four-chip and package, and now has not only mastered the power type of chip and package manufacturing technology, established a large-scale production line of LED lighting, also developed a series of own intellectual property rights of LED lighting applications, so blessed electronics sales in the market development and the development by leaps and bounds.

Liu Zhigeng electronics industry on the blessed land to give a high rating upgrade: "You are the typical transformation and upgrading of Dongguan, is a successful model in state-owned enterprises, is the LED industry leader in Dongguan, Dongguan Municipal Government on behalf of the full support of you to make billions the dream of strong prices! "

Looking ahead, the blessed electronics will deepen industrial upgrading, by big industry, continue to increase R & D and marketing efforts to achieve LED epitaxial wafers - chip - device packaging - the whole industry chain applications, R & D and production. By big enterprises, the establishment of blessed Optical Group, 2011-2012 and strive to achieve joint-stock reform, industry and capital to complete the docking, and plan the successful listing in 2-3 years, increasing the value of state assets.

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